Monday, 22 October 2012

Weekend Comedown...

Feeling a little fragile this morning! I went to the Kiss Weekender last weekend with a few friends- we stayed in a caravan and had far too much to eat and drink and far too little sleep, although it was a VERY good weekend!

Today will be my Week 1 weigh in, after work when I go to the gym. I'm hoping that I've lost 1lb, or stayed the same. Last week was an excellent week diet-wise, but I had a total blow-out on the weekend, although there was alot of walking/dancing. Fingers crossed I wont have put anything on, otherwise I will be very dissapointed...

As you can probably guess, there hasn't been an awful lot of studying this weekend- in fact, none at all. I did manager to type up my TMA01 on Friday after work and I printed it out on Sunday and let my Dad read it, just to point out any silly mistakes (of which there were a couple!). I wont be able to do anything today study-wise, but I have the day off work tomorrow for a trip to the doctors, so I am aiming to correct the mistakes and send it off (a week early!) then.

Today I am going to look after Gabe (5.45-8pm), and I finish work at 3pm, so I'm going to the gym straight after work, having dinner at the gym; they do an awesome chicken caesar salad! Then I will be off to Emma's for the evening. I do love going there- it's so nice to have a night of babysitting that is kind of relaxing. As Gabe's so grown up now, we tend to do things like homework and just generally chill out, rather than when I go to William and Oliver, where it can be pretty full on at times!

I'll only be going to William and Oliver on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, as they have a Halloween Disco on Thursday night. William announced last week that he wanted to dress up as a chameleon, and Oliver decided he would like to be a mouse! I think Alison has wisely decided to just buy a couple of costumes from Tesco and make them wear those- I dread to think how much preparation would have to go into making a chameleon costume... and a mouse, come to think of it!
My Halloween costume has arrived, and this year I am going all out!

This is my costume! I also have some fake blood, grey face paint and fangs- I'm so excited! I've never really done a serious costume for Halloween before, so I'm looking forward to getting bloodied up. Is that a bit disturbing...? So, that party is coming up next weekend on Saturday night, and on Friday me and my friend Dan are thinking of going out in Ipswich, because Gemma Collins (The Only Way Is Essex) is at a club there for meet and greet. Overall, it will be a busy weekend again, which means that I haven't and probably wont have alot of time for the other half. We usually spend most of our weekends together, but we have both just been so busy, that we haven't in quite a while :( It's our 2nd anniversary on Thursday, so I should get to see him breifly then, but I doubt we'll be able to really celebrate it on the weekend, as christmas is coming and we're both a little short on the cash side of things. I'm trying to get christmas presents now, but I just had to shell out £150 for hotel rooms for my birthday weekend away (1st December), so that hasn't really gone very well so far!

Will update soon on first week weigh-in, studying and babysitting!

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