Thursday, 18 October 2012

Progress Made!

So, in terms of my OU course, I am feeling pretty good! I have been using my half an hour lunch breaks and have been able to write a full draft of TMA01 (due 29th October) with a word count, and to my surprise- I'm pretty dead on with it! About 700 words so far, which I'm sure will grow slightly to fulfil the 750 word limit.

My plans for the rest of the week are to type it up in a better format on Friday afternoon (I finish work at 1pm) and send it off ASAP! I might get my Dad or someone to read through it first, just to make sure I've not overlooked something completely stupid! Then I'm off for the weekend to the Kiss Weekender (as in the Radio station) in a caravan park in Great Yarmouth with some girlfriends (and one incredibly camp boy friend!).

I've also re-started my diet, which I have been on mostly since he beginning of the year (bar about 3 months, up until now). I originally lost about 1 stone, but it took a HELL of a lot of effort, which I think was down to the cotraception I was on at the time (The Injection), but since changing this to a non-hormonal method, I am ready to try again! So far this week, I have managed to stick to 1600 calories a day, and have visited the gym for a good hour each time, on Monday afternoon (between Work and babysitting Gabe), Tuesday and Thursday morning (for which I got up at 6.30!!). It's going well so far, although I am definitely feeling the gym work today! I normally do 30/40 minutes interval training/cardio on the cross trainer or bike, then toning exercises on the leg press, leg curl, chest press, another arm thing that I can't remember the name of (!), sit ups and leg raises.

I'm not trying to be a skinny person, or lose drastic amounts of weight, I would just like to get rid of a few lumps and bumps! My ultimate body-crush at the moment would be Nigella Lawson- I would KILL for that body!

Week one weigh in will be coming up on Monday- fingers crossed for a pound or two! I'm quite eager to lose the 7lbs I gained in the 3 months that I stopped dieting fairly quickly, so we'll see how it goes. Although, I highly doubt that I will be having an angelic few days this weekend!


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