Sunday, 14 October 2012

Waiting, Waiting...

Currently waiting for my hair dye to develop, so I thought I'd give you a quick update on life so far...

After my busy, busy week, I've had a MASSIVE Sunday lie-in (until 10.30), which was amazing and just what I needed! I really started to feel it yesterday, when I went shopping with my mum, and then to my Nan's for some lunch, and then out for tea with my parents. I had SUCH a headache all day! :(

But I feel much better today! I think I was definitely sleep deprived! So, this morning I printed off the transcripts of my OU DVD for the scenes "The Street" and "Material Lives", so that I can find references for TMA01.

Friday was an excellent day for studying! I got the afternoon off from work, which will be continuing for every Friday, so that I can come home at 1pm, have a spot of lunch and study until I die/fall asleep! I made suitable progress on Friday- finished off Week 2 (Ordered Lives), by first watching the DVD and making my own notes or "Observations" and then working through the Learning Companion and making any notes that I have missed, with an overall summary. I then like to type this all up and organise it into a Word Document. I'll then store this in a folder for future reference.

Once that was done, I made a start on attempting an essay plan for TMA01, which I did in note form, taking notes from the Assignment Handbook, and my previous notes from "Material Lives".

I'm thinking that on Monday I can go through the transcripts at lunchtime at work, and highlight certain areas to use in my essay. I then plan on visiting the Gym, for the first time in MONTHS before I go straight off to babysit Gabe.

I haven't talked too much about my love life in this blog, but it is coming up to mine and my boyfriend's (Warren) 2 year Anniversary (25th October), and we're trying to decide what to do... I doubt we'll be able to do anything or maybe even see each other on the actual day, as I have to babysit William and Oliver until 6pm, and then Warren has a meeting to go to from 7.30pm. Perhaps we can go out for a nice meal or something on the Friday night? Not too sure yet- I'm expecting him over in a little while, as we are going to my brother's girlfriend's house with all of her family (who we really get along with) to celebrate her 19th Birthday! It's a  bit strange, but her mum and my mum used to be best friends at High School, and our dad's were pretty close too, but all lost contact as they were growing up, etc. And now they have been reunited again through my brother and Jess!

Well, I guess I'd better get this stuff off my head, and see what's happened!


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