Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A bit serious...

Wow, I haven't blogged for a while!

Quick update;

-I had one weigh-in after the amazing 3lb loss, and I was the same, which is OK, I guess. I haven't had one for a couple of weeks because I got caught out at the gym with an expired membership pass (!). Very embarrassing, but I'm hoping my Dad will renew it soon!

- My first TMA for Uni came back and I got 82%, YAY! I was so happy with it, and I have just this moment submitted my second assignment. I don't expect to get the marks for it for at least a week, as it's not due in until the 29th. So, I shall wait like a nervous person!

- Babysitting has been fairly steady, with a few extra weekend bits with Gabriel for Emma. She very kindly let me take Warren (my boyfriend) last Saturday, which was nice for a bit of company. Gabe had his friend Arthur around, so they pretty much amused themselves whilst we watched television. It had actually been a very hectic day; I had a day school before in Norwich, so I had to get the 8am train from Saxmundham, change at Ipswich to arrive in Norwich at 9:30. Then I spent all day in what I thought was a very boring lecture type setting. I doubt I will go to another one, to be honest. It's all very much geared up for those who haven't studied at a higher level at all, or at least not for a very long time. This is all very well and good, but I think it was just a waste of a day for me, really. But anyway, I came home at about 5pm and we had to be at Emma's (which is a good half an hour drive away) for 7:30. It was hectic, but nice for them to all meet Warren after all this time. I've had a few days off here and there from William and Oliver because Alison has gone to India for a work trip (to FREE TIBET and such). I wont lie, it's been nice to relax in the evenings after work. It can be difficult looking after them, as they are so young and energetic and now that the nights are drawing in they can't go and burn off some of that exuberant energy on the trampoline, which means they can sometime send up being quite over-excitable.

- My work schedule has finally changed as of this week- I have a day off today and Thursday! Which means lots of studying and generally having a slightly easier life! I'm planning on taking my Nan swimming after lunch, as I have no babysitting this evening. She has been very stressed out lately, bless her. She will be 87 on Sunday! She lives only about 10 minutes away with my Grandad. Up until recently they did have my Uncle Kelvin (right, and bottom picture with Warren) living with them, but he has been living in a home for the past couple of months. He has Downs Syndrome and has developed Dementia, too over the past 5-6 years. The Home is quite far away- a good hours drive, but it is an excellent place where he is very happy. He doesn't really have any concept of time, or where he is as such, but he is nonetheless still very jolly and content where he is. It got to the point where my Nan and Grandad just couldn't cope any more; they have done so well to have him for as long as they have, and I am so very proud of them. My family and I usually see him once/twice a week. Sometimes we visit him in the Home, and sometimes he comes home over the weekend and they will all come around for dinner. It's just much more noticeable now that he is not living at home how old my grandparents are. I think Kelvin was the only thing that kept them going, really. And now that he is not around as much as he was, it has most definitely taken its toll on them. I go around as much as possible and share their cleaning with my cousin every other week. They come over most weekends, sometimes with Kelvin, sometimes not. And I am hoping that now I have a bit more spare time I can take my Nan swimming and out for other things. She's still incredibly independent- she still drives and doesn't have any major health problems- just arthritis (which is why she enjoys a swim) and the odd ache and pain. She fought cancer a few years ago, and had to have part of her lymph nodes removed from the throat area, but she came through it well. Grandad is the same, with no major ailments. He is diabetic, but manages it well through his diet, an apart from being a smoker is in relatively good health.        

Anyway, off from this sombre mood, I have plenty of things to be doing!


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