Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Brilliant start to the week!

 Really proud of myself so far today- I sacrificed my usual catch-up of Jeremy Kyle before work this morning for a very valuable half an hour study of the Making Social Lives DVD to begin Week 2 of my studies. Although I am technically one day behind, I think I can defiinitely make up for this, as I've also crammed in another half an hour slot during my lunch break.

I also recieved a text from Alison earlier asking if I could be at hers for 4pm today to babysit William and Oliver, instead of 3.30pm. This means I can finish work as usual at 3.00pm and go and hibernate for another half an hour slot of studying before scampering off at 3.30pm. Overall, this takes my daily total of study hours today up to 1 1/2, which I am thrilled at! It doesn't sound like much, but it's three times the time I had predicted I would be able to spend today, which is a massive bonus.

I am finding it already much easier to get my teeth into Week 2 of study. I found Week 1 quite wishy-washy and fairly simple, to be frank. I understand that the OU has to cater for many levels of academic competence, confidence and commitment, but I found that Week 1 was a slight overlap of things that I had already picked up in my A-Level studies of Psychology and Sociology in particular.

Having said this, just reading through and highlighting the first few pages of Week 2 and taking some notes from the DVD, I am already finding this second part much more stimulating!

I would be able to do some more study after babysitting, but I am off to Tesco with my boyfriend to get some last minute  holiday supplies for next week, when we are jetting off to Lanzarote with my parents, brother and his girlfriend. SO looking forward to it- we haven't had a family holiday in 6 years, and I have a feeling this will be one of the last, as at the ripe old age of 19, and with my brother closely following at 18, and with our respecitve other halves, we will probably be exploring the world on our own holidays from now on. Plus, it's very expensive for my parents to pay for us all to go on holiday together!

So, the checklist for Tesco will consist of suncream, lots of cute mini toiletries that are ridiculously overprices, but everyone still insists on buying, and a few clothes if I can find anything appropraite and cheap!

Update soon!

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